Deck Materials

Popular Mechanics (click title above for the link) has a good article on the various options for decking material. I’ve made decks from three of the four mentioned (pressure treated, fir and composite) and my experience matches the reporter’s. I no longer build decks – or I haven’t in a long time – but Rick Crossman does, and his company, Archadeck, is here in Old Greenwich. Give him a call (978 – 9050) and he’ll give you prices on all of this. If you can’t sell your house and you’re going to stick around for awhile, you might as well enjoy the view from a new deck.


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2 Responses to Deck Materials

  1. Anonymous

    Deck’s take-up too much of the home-owners land!

    I prefer a nice ‘Patio’ and yes – a in-ground pool is nice too!

    Not a ‘Fan’ of ‘Decks’!

  2. Chris Fountain

    Well obviously, a deck’s intrusiveness depends on the size of the yard. I have enjoyed three decks on three different houses in my time, and loved them all. They raise people off the ground, important when you live on the water because moisquitos and other pests tend to lurk near ground level and often improve the view.
    But it depends on your lot’s layout.