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Don’t blame me, because it was “Retired IB’er” who broached the topic of bad limericks using Nantucket, St. Barts and Gay Head. He took the easy way out and chose Nantucket but has yet to touch upon the latter two. If he’s so retired, what the heck does he do with his time? Oh well, nature abhorring a vacuum, I offer the following:

There once was a man on St. Bart’s,
Who dined only on beans and his ….
His girlfriend said geeze, if you’ll just eat some cheese,
we can swim at our ease,
drink wine as we please,
and the natives won’t whack our rear parts.

Pretty bad, but for top of the head stuff, it’ll have to do. How about,

There once was a girl from Gay Head,
whose boyfriend was desperate for er, you know –
He begged and he pleaded, she felt she was needed but said Darling, I’d rather be dead.

Your turn!


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A reader asks, “any figures for us?” I have no idea what he means but this is a full service blog, so here you go:Female Figure


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The Brooks Brother’s set on a rampage – hate spills over. Racism!!

Obama supporter beaten, robbed and face mutilated

Windows shot out at Obama Campaign Manager’s home

McCain supporters attack female Obama volunteer worker, strike her in face, body, throw her to ground. “It’s this god damn election,” one attacker explains. “It’s made me so angry!”

Home, car of
Obama supporter vandalized in Maryland

Obama campaign bus shot, defaced in New Mexico

And on and on. Will this violence never end? Must we endure such hatred just as we approach the promised land? Oh, when will we learn? When will we ever le- Oh – all those reports are about attacks on McCain supporters? Well then, never mind!


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Foreclosures in Greenwich?
Not a huge problem yet, and perhaps it never will be, but the Realtytrac.com site seems busier than before (hard to say because it lumps in Stamford and Port Chester when you just want to search Greenwich). It shows 525 pre-foreclosure an foreclosure properties right now which, if memory serves (and it often doesn’t) is about 150 more than when I checked a month ago. Some are stale – 7 Dwight Lane has come and gone, and others were resolved. But some are recent: On October 18, a house on Tomac Lane in Old Greenwich had a lis pendens filed against it signalling foreclosure on a $2,750,000 debt (I found the exact address of the house by combining the limited information RealtyTrac provides non-paying visitors with the Greenwich Tax Assessor’s on-line data base, but I won’t provide further details – the owner obviously has enough problems). There’s another fresh one on Dialstone Lane, in Riverside ($925,000) Havemeyer Lane, etc. Some of these debtors have a real problem: comparing their debt to the value of their homes, there may be no equity in the place, in which case you can probably expect the foreclosure to proceed.

My guess is that things are going to get worse from here because too many folks earning large-figure paychecks lived too close to the edge. Come bonus time, if there is no bonus, how is the mortgage going to get paid? I hope I’m wrong, both because I see no need to rejoice in another’s misfortune and because foreclosures drag down the value of all houses in the neighborhood: $220,000 according to one report I read, and that was comparing things nationally – there’s probably a worse effect on high-end towns like Greenwich.

So that’s gloomy enough. We had one contract reported today, which makes three for the week. That should cheer you up.

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Demmerkrats considering killing 401 (k) plans. But don’t worry – they’ll take care of your money for you and will pay you 3% a year. That should work every bit as well as the Social Security Trust Fund. But remember, “socialist” is just a code word for black – you criticize this plan, you ain’t nothin’ but a racist.

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70 Pecksland

This was listed in July for $3,750,000 and sold yesterday for $3,002,000, or 80% of asking. That’s a smart move from a realistic seller, I think. As an aside, you never know about personal taste in real estate. There’s another house, right up the road, listed for $3.195 million. I saw both houses the same day and thought the second superior to the first. Of course, that day there was a $550,000 difference in the second house’s favor, which would certainly have affected my judgment, but since either house could have been bought for $3,000,000 (I assume), clearly this buyer liked house number 1. As I said, there’s a large element of personal taste in these matters.


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Courtesy of a reader


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