So maybe you might want to wait on that $25 million place on Round Hill.

At least until Monday, to see how all this shakes out . According to Bloomberg News, things look rocky out there. And Mr. Bloomberg himself, speaking on the radio this morning,described the world economic scene as “a complete effin’ mess” (well, there’s a bit of translation in that, but he wasn’t encouraging).


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  1. claudette rothman

    Hey, you never got back to me on 351 Round Hill road

    Greenwich Diva

  2. Chris Fountain

    I wrote about that one awhile ago. 2 acres in a 4 acre zone, abuts Mel’s house, which would be nice if those 75 acres weren’t listed for sale and (highly)likely to be subdivided and if, according to clients I showed it too, the rooms weren’t so small. And yes, despite a series of price cuts, it’s still for sale, going on a year or possibly two years now. That must hurt.

  3. claudette rothman

    Still for sale? people moved in over the summer, painted the outside and are doing some work to it.

    Greenwich Diva