It’s Thanksgiving!


Which means, if you’re of a certain age, that it’s time to listen again to Arlo’s “Alice’s Restaurant”. WFUV (90.7) on your dial,, if you’re into internet streaming, will play all 18 (?) minutes of it beginning at noon today. For me, it brings back a couple of notable hippie Thanksgivings, one in Lowell, Vermont, a few miles below the Canadian border in an old, uninsulated farmhouse heated only by a potbelly stove that glowed cherry red and kept us all warm despite the snow outside. The other was in Fayetteville, Arkansas where we gathered in what was ordinarily a vegetarian restaurant turned carnivorous for the occasion. Hoyt Axton’s “I’ve never been to Spain” was on the record player and it’s possible that Lucinda Williams was there. She was friends with my own musician sister and brother-in-law, but who expected such great things from a sixteen year old girl named “Cindy” from Fayetteville, even if she could sing a bit?

Anyway, those are my memories; given the abuses of those days, I’m grateful to have any memories at all, let alone such good ones. I hope you’ll be making new, wonderful memories today and that you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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