Greenwich’s Fuld snubbed, Noels next?

North Street’s Dickie Fuld, desperate to get in touch with his better, Ken Lewis repeatedly tried calling him at home, only to be told by Lewis’s wife to cut it out.

“Desperate to avoid steering his 25,000-person company into bankruptcy proceedings, Mr. Fuld dialed the Charlotte, N.C., home of Bank of America Chairman Kenneth D. Lewis. His calls so far that weekend had gone unreturned. This time, Mr. Lewis’s wife, Donna, again picked up, and told the boss of Lehman Brothers: If Mr. Lewis wanted to call back, he would call back.

Mr. Fuld paused, then apologized for bothering her. “I am so sorry,” he said.

You know Ken was standing right next to her saying: “You answer it, tell him I’m not here!” And which one of them leaked this tidbit?”

Is anyone in town still taking calls from Walt or Monica? I’ll bet even the Round Hill Club’s receptionist is under orders to deny that any member they’re looking for is on club grounds.

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  1. pulled up in OG

    Wait till spring . . . all the caddies’ll have to sign non-disclosure agreements.

    “No sign . . . no loop!”