Steyn on Obama

Wouldn’t it have saved time if Obama had just named Bush the anti-terrorism czar? In addition to keeping rendition as a policy, holding Gitmo prisoners until the end of hostilities and concluding that conditions in Gitmo do in fact meet Geneva Convention standards, there’s this: Obama expanding missle strikes in Pakistan. The other day I heard an Obama spokesman, trying to explain why certain Gitmo terrorists couldn’t be released or brought to the United States for trial, say, “it’s a lot more complicated than it might first appear.” Well duh – the only people I saw who had a simple solution were politicians with no responsibility for keeping our country safe. Now that they’ve assumed that burden, things aren’t so easy. There must be some interesting things in those daily intelligence briefings our new president receives in the morning.

Update: Now the One’s embraced Bush’s policy on Afghan detainees too! “Mongo feel great  pain between ears.”


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