Gee, I thought I was mean

My pal John Schneider out in Tuscon has his fangs out today and they’re dripping poison. Sounds like John’s grown as irritated by insane listing prices as I have.

just in the nick of time

Phew! Really, Awesome Timing.
Just listed for $5,000,000 or $722/sf, and a spec home no less.
Yep. We’re a little thin in that category, so hopefully this’ll hold back the hordes of hungry home buyers looking for $5,000,000 homes in the Foothills.

It’s new, it’s in the Canyons, it’s 6924 sq. ft., and it’s still under construction so, if you hurry, you may still have time to choose your color scheme.

7454 N Secret Canyon Dr, Tucson, AZ  85718
**unless someone reminds me to update it, this link will expire on
4/9/09** then again, by then, this house may be long gone.

Best Wishes, and welcome to the 2009 real estate market.

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