If our students lack open minds fire their teachers

We certainly don’t need to bring in a psychiatrist! Greenwich school psychiatrist looks at students problems with open mind.


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  1. Walt

    Hey Dude –
    You know what? I was actually going to suggest meditation for you. With the real estate market essentially wiped out, a commission check a thing of the past, no real prospects, other than if I throw you a bone and give you a BJ O’Tooles bus boy job, I have sensed you are stressed. You are more pissy than normal and need to relax.
    So think about this.
    Here is what I want you to do. Get up early tomorrow. Jog to the point. Strip down -totally naked Dude. That is important. Then sit on a rock in the lotus position. Close your eyes and do deep breathing exercises. And think happy thoughts. Like your last sale. You HAVE had a sale, right? Try and go a half hour and see how you feel.
    If the Greenwich PD hassles you, just exercise your rights of free speech and start screaming like an idiot. Then call Frankie Futter to bail you out. Trust me, you will feel better. Have Fun!!!!
    Your Pal,

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Can you do me a solid and post this? I appreciate if you can help my little Filly get this off the ground, and maybe your two readers can stop by:
    She is a talented little foal. And my fav!! She knows how to hold her mane high.
    Thanks in advance.
    Your Pal,

  3. LOL

    Marisa Noel joins 2 friends to sell cheap looking jewelry.


  4. The Monica ring


    A red ring named after her mother, Monica. How cute. I think Monica was more like the ring leader in that family scam.

  5. Bettina Haegler surfaces on Facebook

    Monica’s niece and sister of Bianca Haegler, Walter Noel’s agent in Rio, has a Facebook page!


  6. anthonyfountain

    I find this tidbit from the article interesting:

    Outside of Greenwich, Banks has more freedom to put some of his less conventional principals as a psychiatrist into practice. Recently he began helping Weston resident Elizabeth Fuller, a researcher and “trained psychic,” lead workshops in which participants experimented with remote viewing, telepathy and séances.

    I think a thorough review of the Greenwich Board of Education payroll might turn up some fascinating souls.

  7. Lorin

    homeschooling folks…..comes with dances and sports teams these days..