Battle of the search engines

I can’t decide if I really care about this or not but there’s a lot of concern expressed on the web today about Google’s page making no mention of 9/11 and posting a beautiful picture of the memorial light plus links to various 9/11 remembrance pages. The beef is that Google usually puts up little images on holidays – St. Patricks Day, Christmas, etc. and even on many days you wouldn’t necessarily associate with a holiday: National PopCorn Day, for instance. Why nothing today?

But again, I’m undecided. For me, September 11th was the most horrible day of my life. For some 22-year-old kid in California, it probably is what Google shows it to be: just another day. We move on and Google has moved on faster than I want to. Is that their fault? Maybe. I’ve moved my default search to Bing, at least for now.


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  1. Anonymous

    Chris – didn’t Google throw you out on your a** for your libertarian posts…Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google and Obama are buddies and share the same anti-American leftist views…so it makes perfect sense that Google would want to bury this

  2. Mazama

    Google is run by America hating fanatics.

    They routinely ignore traditional American patriotic/memorial events while promoting every left-of-center event imaginable.

    Worse, they refuse to cooperate with FBI efforts to track down terrorist suspects but have willingly collaborated with the CHICOMs to track down Chinese dissidents (as has Yahoo).

    I avoid Google as much as possible.

  3. Anonymous

    IIRC, MSFT’s Ballmer is a Republican donor, unusual in tech industry

    And generally MSFT’s top engineers tend to be about 10-20yrs older than many of their counterparts at GOOG, so perhaps generational diffces in sentimentality

  4. anonymous

    Google also ignores Memorial day and Veterans Day.

    Try – it’s better than Google in any event – it organizes search results by topic in the left hand margin so that you don’t necessarily have to keep on scrolling down the page to find what you’re looking for.

    Sample search result:

    Look what show up at No 3!

  5. sw

    I hear even the Chicago Trib and Wash Post failed to make mention on their cover pages today. I’m in San Francisco and am appalled. This is also is not a “Day of Service”.. it should be a “Day of Remembrance” for goodness sake.

  6. sw

    correction… it was the Chicago Trib or Sun Times (?) and the LA Times that did not have Sept. 11 anniv as a cover story..

  7. The problem is the pattern, I think. Google tends not to do patriotic stuff at all, including Memorial Day. Which wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t do stuff like Earth Day and whatnot.

    Instapundit has offered a basically economic take. I’m a bit less charitable. I take it as attitude–one I don’t like.

  8. Anonymous

    Google has made a tradition of putting up little cartoonish images on holidays or the birthdays of notable folks or anniversaries of events in a lighthearted way. Google has never put up a photograph, dramatic or otherwise, on its home page.

    It’s just a difference in style consistent with Google’s philosophy, Chris, not some moral failure on their part as you would have it.

    You say that Google usually puts up “little images” of this or that, so what little image would you want them to put up for 9/11?

    Bing has established a tradition of putting photographs on its home page, so good for them for their nice memorial.

    But CF’s taking Google to task for this? Well, he can just go and Bing himself.

  9. anonymous

    anonymous @ 10:52pm,

    Google has commemorated Anzac Day -a very serious anniversary in Australia. Their bias, and it is bias, is against the US only.

    As to how to commemorate 9/11 – do a drawing of the Twin Towers of Light, analogous to Bing’s photo. That Google chose not to do that, or at least something, speaks volumes for its corporate culture.

    PS Clusty, the site I linked to above, never changes its main page for any holiday.

  10. It certainly does seem to be “consistent with Google’s philosophy” which is why it is rather repugnant.

  11. pulled up in OG

    Does FrankieF spring for calenders?
    Or maybe a pal could slip you the 2010 GAR freebie.

    Put a stickie on 9/11/10: “Change Antares pic.”