East Portchester sounds like a dangerous place

Only last week did I discover via an article in Greenwich Time that Greenwich is blessed with an appendage on its western side called East Portchester or, by some, Byram. Never been there myself, but here’s a story of some chump who did visit and was held up by armed thugs, hit on the head with a baseball bat and ditched by his girlfriend, who seems to have been an accomplice of the robbers. The area sounds as rough as the Innis Arden area of Old Greenwich, where armed car-jacks are so popular. Good thing I huddle at home in safe, secure Riverside.


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6 Responses to East Portchester sounds like a dangerous place

  1. Old School Grump

    CF, you used to treat Byram with benign neglect, but lately you’ve taken to trashing it regularly. What did they do to you at the GAR reeducation camp? Have you taken to wearing ascots and Belgian loafers, as well as becoming Mr von Snotwell? Are we going to have to stage an intervention?

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    They should have taken him to White Plains Hospital. But they took him to Stamford Hospital. Which may prove Byram is in Connecticut, but it isn’t Greenwich. Or he would have been taken to Greenwich Hospital. Right?
    Your Pal,

  3. Anonymous

    You have a short memory:

    1) Shooting at Speeders Car Wash store in Old Greenwich;

    2) Riot at Riverside Commons last summer (not to mention many other incidents there);

    3) How many times has the Getty station across from the Riverside Walgreen’s been robbed?

    4) A few bank/credit union robberies in Cos Cob over the years. Safe to assume the perps weren’t carrying water pistols.

    5) You mention Innis Arden…isn’t there a history of some duffers being robbed at gunpoint during a round of golf?

  4. Sound Beacher

    Don’t forget all the bank robberies we’ve had in OG. The People’s bank by McKenzie’s has been robbed 3 times. Were those crimes ever solved?

  5. anonanon


    Just saw this post so for Walt – and all other readers who may not be aware:

    I bet the trauma victim from Byram, CONNECTICUT was transported to the nearest (95 exit 2 to 95 exit 6?) designated emergency room based on the nature and seriousness of the injuries.

    I believe that all hospital emergency rooms are designated as Level 1, 2, 3, 4 trauma centers. The State of CT Department of Public Health enforces a state wide trauma system and the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma verifies that a hospital meets the criteria established for inclusion at each level. The number of trauma surgeons in different specialties that are available 24/7 is generally one of the determinants. http://www.facs.org/trauma/verificationhosp.html

    For example, Greenwich is a Level 3 center, Stamford a Level 2 and Yale New Haven a Level 1 (Yale may be the only Level 1 for both adults and children in CT)

    I would think that the emergency responders made a judgment call and, based on their patient’s injuries, went to the nearest appropriate center.

    GEMS is a terrific service – wish we had one as competent in my town.

  6. Cal

    The cops said that the victim and the woman met for the first time that night. Poor dude left the joint with her thinking he was going to get a little trim, all the time she was part of the setup. Not the outcome he expected, to say the least.