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Aha! Brown leads Coakley as of 9:10 PM

53% to 46%. Regardless of the eventual outcome, I’ve got to believe Democrats are shaking in their seats on Air Fleet Pelosi.


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What fun!

Rasmussen’s last poll shows Coakley ahead by 8%. But it all turns on who showed up to vote. We won’t know that for at least thirty minutes and possibly not until late tonight or even tomorrow morning, but for political junkies like me, this election has added an unexpected jolt of interest into the middle of a dull winter.


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More hmmm

NPR is reporting (8:02, as polls have just closed) that turnout in the suburbs of Mass – Brown country, it is said – was heavy, while city turnout – Coakley country- was light. Again, we won’t know if this means anything for at least an hour, but I’m hopeful.

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It’s not Bush/Cheney after all – it’s discrimination!

If Coakley loses it will be because Massachusetts  voters hate women. Good: hold that thought, so we can beat you again in November and reclaim our country.

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Hmm – No Democrats willing to admit that they voted for Coakley

Don’t know if this means anything or not, but it’s curious.

Just about every election night, Republican pollster Frank Luntz assembles a focus group of likely voters to help predict election results. Tonight you can see Luntz interview an assembly of Massachusetts voters on Fox at 9:10 p.m. EST.

But you probably won’t see all the work that went into it. As of late this afternoon, Luntz was still scrambling to balance his focus group with supporters of Democrat Martha Coakley. “I just lost another one,” Luntz growled over his cell phone from a hotel ballroom at Logan Airport. In the last 24 hours, six Coakley voters have dropped out. By contrast, Luntz hasn’t lost a single supporter of her opponent, Scott Brown.

The problem isn’t money. “They’re getting paid well,” Luntz says, “probably more than they’re making at their jobs. And they still don’t want to do it.”

Instead, says Luntz, they’re ashamed. “They don’t want to be on television defending Martha Coakley. It’s passé. It’s socially unacceptable. I never dreamed I’d see Democrats in Massachusetts embarrassed to admit they’re Democrats.”

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Finally, a solution to the drug problem

Anthrax-infected heroin kills users in France. Hard to see deliberation in this one, though. Everyone: Al Qaeda, the Mexicans, Turks, Afghans, you name them, is getting rich off the drug trade and has no motive to kill (at this moment) their customer base. Still, it could work as a discouragement.

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Milbank still inspires dreams

309 Milbank, a grand old (1904) house in need of a complete restoration or, more likely, a tear-down and start-again, has been kicking around the market since 2004. It began at $2.395 back then, kicked up to $2.550 in January, 2009 and is back again with its 3rd or 4th broker, at $1.795. Assessment is around $850,000, so somewhere between there and its new price should produce a sale. Should.


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Boston Globe calls the election eight hours early

Coakley 50%, Brown 49%. No bias here, just looking at the noon results and wishing. Question is, will this motivate Brown voters to get out to the polls or, as the Globe hopes, discourage them? We”ll  know tonight, when the election really is over.

UPDATE: Fudrucker, my astute Democrat pal, points out that there are no Brown voters “in reserve”. If anything, the Globe’s early call will hurt Coakley by persuading her lackluster supporters that there’s no need for them to go vote. Makes sense to me.


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Say, here’s an idea!

Such a deal for you!

The developer of 127 Havemeyer Place brought it on at the depth of the market collapse in October, 2008, at $2.897 million, and when it didn’t sell, reduced it to $2.5 million, where it expired unsold last month. Today he’s back, at $3 million. That will teach you to dawdle!

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Fortunes of war

12 Horseshoe Circle, a contemporary off Cognewaugh with a nice view of a pond but not much useable yard sold for $1.745 million in 2005, when the asking price was $1.749. That was the market then, I suppose, but I’m sure the buyers now wish they’d negotiated a bit harder because, after trying to resell it for the past year at $1.995, they’re dropped it to $1.495 today. Assessment is $1.276 which, I suspect, is where this may end up.

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Some get it, some don’t

No sales activity today but 20 price reductions and 1o retreads brought on as new. I suspect most of these will be around for the next round of price cuts.

11 Pinecroft has been listed for sale since 2007. It started at $4.350 and has dropped today to $2. 845,850. Assessment is $2.3 million. It’s empty, and has been for a long time.

25 Lakewood Circle started at $3.065 in February, 2008, and is now $2.459. Assessment is $1.783.

15 Dorchester, in Riverside, started at $1.3 million, now asks $1.2, is assessed at $869,000.

318 Valley Road, land owned by Grey Rock Associates, came on at $1.5 million, now wants $9750,000 and is assessed at $996,000. I assume their experience with those condos up the road has tempered their enthusiasm.

5 Tomac Lane, purchased in a fit of enthusiasm for $7.495 million in July, 2008, has been asking $7.695 since August, 2009. The listing expired but it’s back today at that same price. Okay by me; I don’t have to sell it.

Looking at these and other long-time listings, it strikes me that sellers could eliminate a great inconvenience and price their homes to sell but apparently it takes a few years, or more, to reach that painful decision.


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Scusie Skoop (bumped)

Should I buy or refinance?

Noted Greenwich real estate attorney Joel Kaye grants Pope Benedict an audience.


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Aw, my President hasn’t forgotten me

chris —

Right now, the polls are open to elect a new senator to the seat that my friend Ted Kennedy held for 47 years.

The choice could not be more stark, and the result could not be of greater consequence — for Massachusetts or the nation.

The Bay State can send progressive champion Martha Coakley to Washington to fight for everything we believe in — health reform, getting all of our money back from Wall Street, and holding corporate interests accountable.

Or the Senate can get one more person already walking in lockstep with Washington Republicans.

The polls are still open, the choice has not been made, and you still have a crucial role to play by calling voters in Massachusetts. In a low-turnout special election like this one, every single voter counts.

Please call Massachusetts voters today.

Opponents of change and progress have been pouring money and resources into the Commonwealth — they want to keep things just as they are.


Thanks for everything you’ve done, and for your efforts in this final push,

President Barack Obama

I hate to be the one to break this to the guy, but the vote in Massachusetts seems to be all about change – Obama came in with a mandate for change and instead  installed Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to run the country exactly as it’s been run for decades with the political elite taking care of their special interests and screwing the ordinary citizen. So he failed, and the voters are trying again. Sooner or later, we’ll get this thing right.

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What, not even Elin?

Just do it

Nike launching new line of golf clubs with neither Wood’s endorsement. They’re missing an opportunity here.

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As a states’ rights kind of guy I applaud this decision but it’s going to slow down our infrastructure rebuild

Supreme Court leaves power line siting to the states. Congress had seemed to give the federal government authority to overrule states when routing power lines but the 4th Circuit disagreed and today the Supremes let that ruling stand. States are generally far more responsive to constituents’ protests on matters like this which means, I’d guess, that we’ll see fewer new power lines when in fact we need more. But that’s federalism. No really good answer here.

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Bobby Bonilla’s leaving, but probably not right away.

Batter get moving

His house at 390 Round Hill Road just came on for sale at $7.5 million. Assessment is $3.7 million. 8,000 sq. ft. (maybe 6,000 above ground?).


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Greenwich inventory continues to adjust

38 Strickland Road (assessment, $630,000) was priced at $1.249 when first listed in July, 2008 and has been slowly climbing down from there ever since. Today it’s back as a “new” listing at $915,000. I’ve noticed that we have almost no genuine new listings these days, merely old listings back with a lower price. Which is fine: we have plenty of inventory as is but we’re really short of reasonable prices.

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Hey, wait a minute

I’m all for supplying quake relief to Haiti and even trying to build a country out of the place, after 600 years, but this proposed plan of the Red Cross to bring 45,000 Haitians to Florida strikes me as a very, very bad idea. Are we really going to do this?


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A good price reduction

6 Wilshire Rd

This is a very nice house way up Lake (near St. Barnabas) on beautiful land. It has tremendous appeal to someone like myself who likes renovated older homes, but it started out at $5.725 million back in 2006 and that was obviously too much to ask. Today it’s down to $4.2, which seems much better. Great house, great property, decent price, now.

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The spring market starts?

MLK Day usually marks the beginning of the spring market but at least so far this morning, you wouldn’t know it. No new listings, eight price reductions, and that’s it. Of course, the MLS staff is busy Tuesday morning assembling the broker open house list so, now that that is finalized, they may turn their attention to new listings that came in over the long weekend. Or not – I’ll keep an eye on it and report back.

The open house list is disappointingly skimpy with little to stir me from the office. I do notice that those Riverstone condos in Pemberwick on the Port Chester border have now dropped below $700,000, which must be a disappointment to folks who paid in the $8s and $9s for them two years ago. Location, location location.


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