What fun!

Rasmussen’s last poll shows Coakley ahead by 8%. But it all turns on who showed up to vote. We won’t know that for at least thirty minutes and possibly not until late tonight or even tomorrow morning, but for political junkies like me, this election has added an unexpected jolt of interest into the middle of a dull winter.


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4 Responses to What fun!

  1. As of 9:00 the WSJ is reporting Brown with 52.3% and Croaker with 46.7%, with 45% of precincts reporting.

    We might even be able to skip the recount.

  2. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Took this off a site that has been giving updates from Fox. Most recent:

    Senate Special Election – Massachusetts
    1276 of 2168 Precincts Reporting
    Scott Brown (R) 680,775 53%
    Martha Coakley (D) 596,731 46%
    Joseph Kennedy (I) 12,855 1%

  3. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Another update:

    1419 of 2168 Precincts Reporting
    Scott Brown (R) 750,616 53%
    Martha Coakley (D) 661,351 46%
    Joseph Kennedy (I) 14,323 1%

    Looking good!

  4. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Want to see some live streaming from the Brown campaign? Wand to see some folks show how to have some fun with a political campaign? Awesome! Makes me proud to be an American.