Go ahead, make my day

Guarantee a best seller

John Tierney  of the New York Times reports on  a study of most-emailed articles from his paper. Tierney is surprised to learn, he says, that sex alone will not produce a hit nor his own idea of writing an article on “How your pet’s diet is ruining your marriage and why it’s Bush’s fault”. I dunno, the latter sounds like a surefire hit to me, but apparently science articles lead the pack. Who knew?

At the Chez de la Fontaine homestead back in the days when people read books, we all admired a collection of humor essays by the Brit Alan Coren who named his modest tome “Golfing for Cats” and adorned it with a swastika, after learning that the three best selling book categories  were golfing, cats and the Third Reich. I think that should still work, but in these Internet days, you might want to add a reference to Glenn Reynolds grinding up puppie dogs, just to make certain.

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