Coming closer

32 Center Drive

This is a funky, quirky little house on Center Drive that I like very much, but it started at $1.549 back in 2008 and that was just too high to consider even bidding. It’s been dropping, slowly, and today it’s down to $1.190. Personally, I think its assessed value of $968,000 (or so) is closer to the mark, but at least now you could toss a bid in around there and have a reasonable chance of it being considered.


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5 Responses to Coming closer

  1. diva4ever

    I’ve noticed on, some houses are double listed. The square footage, as in this house, is listed in one as 2200 and in the other as 3300. How is this accounted for?

  2. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Now that’s the sort of place that appeals to me, funky and quirky, looks like nice foliage, etc. Comparable house in these parts would be $150,000 to $300,000, depending upon location, just to give a perspective on the Greenwich area “premium”. And $300,000 would be high and it probably would sit for a while.

  3. Walt

    Ex-Pat –
    I didn’t know you lived in Cos Cob. My condolences.
    Your Pal,

  4. anonymous wxyz

    Tax records say 2,236 sq.ft. The house is probably listed on both Greenwich MLS and Consolidated MLS, therefore, 2 listings would have fed into I think this one has burgundy shingles and pink shutters — now that’s really quirky. Let’s hope a buyer will lighten up the exterior colors.