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Doesn’t this firm have offices in Greenwich?

DE Shaw quant fund lays off 150, from bottom to top.


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You think the NAR is paying him?

Still, great advice from John Paulson.

“If you don’t own a home buy one.”

”If you own one home, buy another one, and if you own two homes buy a third and lend your relatives the money to buy a home.”

 My kind of guy! : )


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It might have been 190 had the Greenwich Association of Realtors tried him

Iranian blogger sentenced to 19 years.


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Withdrawn from market

306 Round Hill Road

This 1804 (parts of it, anyway) house was fun to tour back in May but at $2.999, I wondered whether it would sell. The Merritt Parkway runs practically through its front yard – in fact they may have taken part of that yard for the highway and it was noisy. And, sad to say, the house looked like a money pit. Buyers must have shared my opinion because it didn’t sell and today it’s been pulled off the market.

Every house in Greenwich has a value, or used to, so this is bound to sell at the right price. What that price is, I don’t know.

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This won’t help Thursday’s open house tour

Island Surveyor sent me a link (check the comment section to the tornado watch posting) to this picture of “Tropical Depression 16” which is coming our way with “moderate or heavy to excessive” rain. Looks like we’ll be in the “excessive” path. Oh Joy. As IS points out, it’ll really suck if today’s tornado removes your roof!


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Sales we got. New contracts? Not so far.

6 Wilshire Rd.  A great buy here. Originally listed at $5.750 in 2006, it came on and off the market for years until it finally dropped to $3.2 (assessment is $3.1) It just sold for $2.7 million. I think its five acres were worth that alone, but its a beautiful house, too.  
15 Sylvan Lane sold for $2.210 in 2008. The owners replaced the siding, roof and windows, erected a nice stone wall and had a ton of landscaping done. It sold yesterday for $2.240. Assessment, $1.727. 

22 Jeffrey Rd


This house on Jeffrey (off of Stanwich) sold for $965,000 in ’02 and again this week for $1.150. Assessment, $1.274 million.
And 32 Meadowcroft, 2.2 acres and a teardown, sold to builder Mark Mariani for $3.550. Asking price was $4.2, assessment was $2.304.


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Steve Jobs’ new house

Plans here. It’s modern, sleek with clean lines which you’d expect from the iPod guy. It’s also only 4,900 sq.ft, . The article deteriorates into psycho-babble near the end, but I agree with the conclusion that this is a house designed by someone who is confident in who he is.


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