Two shot sighting in

Works if your rifle is even reasonably sighted in. And at a buck or so per cartridge, this is the way to go, if you can.

UPDATE: working on the link – bear with me !


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4 Responses to Two shot sighting in

  1. walter and monica NOEL in Jamaica

    Heir to Howard Johnson wedding of son in Jamaica … Noel’s still getting those invitations..Honeymoon at Yemanja? as gift? on Mustique.

    Still spending those Madoff dollars that do not belong to you Walter and Monica, good show!

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    “How to sight in with two shots” might be a more on-point post title. That said, great and useful post for us Clingers and by that I don’t mean Jamie Farr’s “Mash” character.

  3. Cobra

    Looks quite productive. For me, not so much as other than the AR with Trilux L2A2, I’m always peering at iron sights.

  4. cpu

    If you reload, its more like a quarter per round. The Lee loader is $22 from Midway and pays for itself on the second box.