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What’s wrong with this picture?

Idiot dives onto subway tracks to retrieve dropped baggage, subway engineer slams brakes while frantically motioning him to duck under the platform. Moronic would-be passenger is led to hospital to make sure he’s okay while the engineer is hauled off for drug and alcohol tests.


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The death of the Republican party

I’m hearing today that many of the newly elected  Republicans are saying that “if you aren’t pro-life, you aren’t a Republican”. Time for a third party, then.

So far as I can tell, the Republicans stand for huge, excessive spending, oppression of gays and a total obsession with abortion. The Demmerkrats spend even more, so I’ve tended to vote for the Republicans, but the Tea Party (of course, there is no Tea “Party” – that’s the point)  is all about fiscal responsibility, limited government and getting the assholes off our backs. Happily married gays with assault rifles, women who’ve had abortions, all are welcome. Screw the two establishment parties – I’ll never vote for either, again.


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Don’t tell Don Imus

he loves kids, he's just a lunatic

 Report: study linking vaccines to autism “an elaborate fraud”.  Doctor was in cahoots with a trial lawyer. If you think of the thousands of children who weren’t vaccinated because of Imus’s rantings, and the countless thousands of other children who were thus exposed to horrible diseases, it’s almost enough to want to pull the old man from out behind his microphone and drag him to death on the street.


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Tacos in Riverside

The owners of that yellow taco truck across from Sachs Plumbing in Stamford (and, I believe, a strip joint) are opening a store on Apache Place next week. Apache is that little street, first left off Sheephill, next to the Mobil station. Not much visibility, but these folks make food good enough to seek out. Not quite the same quality, I think, of some of best of the little roadside Mexican stands I found in New Mexico, but pretty damn good, and compared to Taco Bell? No contest. I’ll be there next week.

UPDATE: Beginning Monday, they’ll be open 7 am –  8 pm.


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Walter Olson – someone I’m proud to call a friend

He’s so damn smart, and a really nice guy. But he’s pretty mean when bidding a farewell to Henry Waxman, as well he should be.

While others wish the new Congress well today on its swearing-in, I plan to light a 100-watt incandescent bulb and hoist a caffeinated alcoholic beverage in honor of a different milestone: starting today, the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee will no longer be under the control of Henry Waxman (D-Calif.).

Some lawmakers can talk a decent game about lean ‘n’ smart regulation, but no one ever accused Waxman of having a light touch. (The 900-page Waxman-Markey environmental bill, mercifully killed by the Senate, included provisions letting Washington rewrite local building codes.) He’s known for aggressive micromanagement even of agencies run by putative allies: his staff has repeatedly twisted the ears of Obamanaut appointees to complain that their approach to regulation is too moderate and gradual. More than any other lawmaker on the Hill, he’s stood in the way of any meaningful reform of the 2008 CPSIA law, which piles impractical burdens on small makers of children’s products, thrift stores, bicycles and others.


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Yeah yeah yeah, Florida mortgage foreclosure fraud – old news

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

No surprise here.

The real question is, why did we have to put  up with a butt-ugly AG like Dick Blumenthal when this woman was working in Florida? What, we don’t recruit?


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So who benefits from this stupidity?

8 Hobart Lane

This is a beautiful house, located close to town, but was priced at $7.8 million back in 2008. No go. It was already under foreclosure in 2009 when I presented an offer of $4.5 million on behalf of a client and was rudely rebuffed. Okay, we went off somewhere else. Today, it’s listed by its new owner, Patriot Bank, for $4.6 million. They were rude to me so that they could carry it for another year-and-a-half? Idiots.

By the way, at $3.9, you’d have yourself a great house – try it out.


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