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Are you friggin’ kidding me?

We’re diverting $500,000 from wi-fi connections to new lockers. I’ll admit that the idiots from California who designed our new high school without lockers in 1971 (“students will learn to trust each other”)  left us carting our belongings around rather than have them stolen, (and I’m proud to say that I tossed a grapefruit at them when they visited that year) but these days, I’d rather have wi-fi than an updated locker.


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Madoff’s wrong ways are now covered in the sports pages

That’s because it involves the Met’s Wilpons, but what about Walt Noel?

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What do aging Egyptians and ancient Indiana Republicans have in common?

They cling to power. Time to go, guys.


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School Board politics

Damned if I know what’s going on, but I’ve known Bob Horton for something like 55 years, and while we are usually on opposite sides of the political fence, he’s a hell of a reporter, and he’s got a story here.


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JP Morgan knew that Madoff was a crook?

I have close friends whose honesty I would never, ever question, who work for JP Morgan, but there are some emails surfacing that seem to indicate that someone at the bank was onto Madoff long ago, yet the bank kept doing business with him. It’s obvious, I hope, that you can’t tar an entire organization with the  actions of a few bad characters, but I feel for my friends because that’s probably what will happen. Madoff was absolute poison.


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Whoa – nothing is happening in our market

I just checked, again, our MLS board and there’s just no activity. One sale at $850,000, one contract in about the same range, and that’s it – for two days, given that the Board was shut down yesterday. I have a short sale pending but otherwise, my business is as slow as every other broker’s. There are fifteen new listings today most of which, in my humble opinion, are ridiculously overpriced. But I do have that new Honda snowblower, so if you have a driveway that needs clearing …. Otherwise, I’m going to have to resume the practice of law, and won’t you (and I) be sorry then!


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Missing in action

has anyone seen the recycling boys? They haven’t shown here in Riverside for the past two weeks – admittedly, last week there was a snowstorm, but yesterday? Nothing but blue sky. Has the town recovered its senses and terminated the entire boondoggle, or have the workers just split for Florida?


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