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Straight stuff from the real estate industry

 “Consumers agree: now’s the time to buy real estate”. It’s distressing to see that, according to this bogus poll, half of all home sellers expect to sell their house at its list price. The national brokers that support this ridiculous “news’ service only feed into that delusion.

Earlier today a reader asked why I cared about the quality of houses that I sell. I guess it’s because I’d like to take some pride in what I do.


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Gideon Gartner found dead in penthouse, but don’t despair

 You can still buy the place for $29 million, just $19 million over what he paid for it in 2005, but now it comes with a stuffed Mr. Gartner in a Lazy-Boy.

UPDATE: check it out, especially the guy’s right hand. Here in Greenwich, the worst Realtors (that would be all of them, these days) use  Photoshop to insert  fluffy clouds in their listing photos. In NYC, they add corpses. What a market, what a town.


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Come back with $28 m more and let’s do it

Parents pledge $1 million towards GHS auditorium project.


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Rationed osteporosis drug 17X more effective

But 6X more expensive, so too bad for you, Granny. Remember, according to Paul Krugman, England has the finest health care system in the world, with the very best treatment.


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They never quit

Prudential opens another real estate mutual fund. It’ll be different, this time.

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Guess who’s coming for dinner?

I was playing around with that little site visitor globe meter on the lower right side and noticed that since November, this site has recieved visitors from a ton of hot spots:

Iran: 583

Saudi Arabia: 243

UAE: 149

Russia: 132

Egypt: 82

Tunisia: 25

Bahrain: 15

Syria: 14

Yeman: 12

Libya: 5

Cote D’Ivore: 3

Plus many more from less troubled areas, of course, but this does make for an interesting indicator, perhaps, of who wants to get the hell out of Dodge.


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New theme for ipads

I couldn’t figure out what you folks were complaining about but the beauty of WordPress, as opposed to Google’s blog host, is that there are actual human beings at WordPress to answer questions. It turns out, they just released a new theme for iPad users yesterday. In view of the complaints, I’m resetting the appearance as they suggest below and, if they improve the iPad appearance, maybe I’ll go back.

It’s pretty easy to turn off and display your regular theme to iPad users instead. Just goto Appearance > iPad from your site’s Dashboard and disable the “Display a special theme for iPad users” option.Hope that helps!

UPDATE: so I’ve disabled it, but here’s the announcement (that I never received) announcing yesterday’s release. It seems to promise some nifty features for iPad users but in view of the number of complaints I got, I think I’ll leave it off. Still, if there’s any interest in trying it again let me know and I can switch it back on – turns out it’s just as simple as clicking a box.


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