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Whoa, they’ve got Raj tapes going back to 1997?

If I understand this correctly, the feds have Rajaamatazz being fed secret Intel info -via fax! – how dated is that? –  all the way back to 1997. His fat ass is in deep, deep trouble.


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Obummer reverses himself yet again

Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed to be transported from Gitmo and executed in Libyan desert.


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227 political arrests while Jimmy Carter visited Fidel in March

But these are enemies of the state.


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I’m not saying nothing

 34 Hendrie in Riverside  asked $3.395 and is now under contract.


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Sports and college recognition

Butler and UConn go at it tonight and they will probably both benefit. As a philosophy major at Boston College I was disgusted that the university spent $6 million building a new gym when our library had a leaking roof and almost nowhere to study. But a few years after I graduated, Doug Flutie tossed his miracle pass against the University of Miami and the value of my BC degree soared – applications quadrupled and suddenly BC wasn’t just a school for dumb Irish kids from Long Island (it never was, damn it – those Jesuits run a good school, but perception is everything).

Similarly, some years (20?) after I graduated UConn Law School, Jim Calhoun showed up and won a couple of national championships with his basketball team. When I went there, the law school had an enrollment of fewer than 300 students (100 per year) free tuition for state students (why did I go there?) and we were in West Hartford – I never stepped in a cow pie at Storrs. Nonetheless, I’m told that after Calhoun began his winning ways, UConn  Law became a desirable destination and they’ve been able to goose tuition up to $100,000 for a three-year package (bad move, kid – rob a bank, instead).

My guess is that Butler, somewhere in Indiana, will do just as well. High school and college kids learn from television, so if a school is featured on the screen well, then, Dude, it must be worth applying to. huh?
My point? Pay these coaches millions and starve the professors. There’s not an edukater in the world who’s going to bring in the tuition bucks the way a successful coach can.


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Daily wildlife report from Ole’s Creek

 Missed a decent picture, (although if Sony is really coming out with an 8 pixel camera for the next iPhone, this blog will be considerably improved) but two deer just came out from Old Greenwich’s Edgewater neighborhood, crossed the marsh and then the creek and disappeared around the house on Shoal Point here in Riverside. I was so busy trying to locate my iPhone that I forgot to load the 30.30, damn it.


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Our future as envisioned by Mayor Bloomberg and his crew

New rules for NYC Health Department Employees: No fried food, no perfume, no bottled water, no alcohol, no gossip, no fun.

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