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Looking for a place to cut spending? I’ve found one

Syria to join Libya on the UN Human Rights Council


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Reading tea leaves

Or lunch orders, anyway. Rajamataz orders a tunafish sandwich for lunch today,with extra mayonnaise. Dealbreaker speculates on the hidden meaning.

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I guess it didn’t have legs after all

Atlas Shrugged collapses at the box office. Too bad – I’d have liked to have seen it. Guess I’ll reread the book instead.


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I’ll be retiring soon

Fudrucker to head state lottery commission.


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Why I’m not going to the P&Z hearing tonight

Because it’s useless. Last time I went, and spoke, there was lots of testimony on the huge, deleterious effect these new regs will have on housing values. The grey beards nodded wisely, thanked us all for our import and admitted that there were all sorts of things brought to their attention that night that would cause them to re-think the matter. The upshot? The regulations being proposed tonight are even worse, more stringent, than the original ones.

The fix is in – the P&Z is determined to have its way and screw the public because the P&Z knows best. I wouldn’t waste my time or my breath. the fight, if there is to be one, will have to be conducted at the RTM. P&Z isn’t going to change its mind.


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Turns out there are worse things than coyotes

Dingos maul child down under. I’m surprised some idiot hasn’t imported them here – we’ve seen just about every other pest brought to our shores.


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An Old Greenwich tale

5 Raymond St

This is a perfectly okay house that sold, full price, for $1.625 in May, 2004. The buyers tried getting $2.2250 in June of ’08 and finally sold it in ’09 for $1.450. Those buyers, in turn, listed it for $1.975 last december, dropped it to $1.875 and now have a contract. Assuming the agreed upon price is anywhere close to the ask, then I guess Old Greenwich is coming back.


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