Shocker: Malloy fails to fire state workers

He promised to lay off 4,780 now and an equal number in the next few weeks. How’s it going? Well, he found 182 sad sacks to make an example of. That’ll bring the union to its knees.


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6 Responses to Shocker: Malloy fails to fire state workers

  1. Gideon Fountain

    Wait just a second. Are you telling me that “No Gimmicks” Malloy will end up raising huge taxes on Fairfiled County residents but make nothing but token cuts to the Stste budget and bloated State workers unions?? This is something of a shocker. Are you absolutely certain he’s a Democrat?

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Go Danny go. Sow the seeds of your Party’s ultimate electoral evisceration by driving jobs out of Connectict and into New York, R.I. & Massatwoshits.

  3. Treepart

    Give it time.

  4. Chimney

    Note Greenwich Time article today on mill rate increase- that sure didn’t take long. The timing with the MISA approval must just be a coincidence. Funny the MISA people didn’t talk about this.

  5. You guys have nothing to worry about. Dan is only going to raise taxes on the evil rich people.

    Oops. Never mind.