This, on the other hand, is not funny

Banks readying the axe.  The story is from Britain, but it sounds bad for us here in the US, too. No glee here – some of these folks are my clients, many more are my friends. And, except for government workers, I hate to see anyone lose his job (I might even be persuaded to have some sympathy for those guys, too).


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2 Responses to This, on the other hand, is not funny

  1. Anonymous

    Chris, you are too pessimistic.

    Bankers who buy real estate in Greenwich are never affected by those job cuts. I expect a hot busy market here in the coming few months, even hotter than what we have had year to date.

    I don’t know about you but I am busy showing houses everyday.

  2. anon

    never? so why do prices ever come down in greenwich? shouldn’t they always go up up up, or at least not down?