Jim Himes to challenge Obama

“I’m sick of him”, he tells FWIW’s Scusie.  “He’s a Wall Street coddling, Afghan war prosecuting, drone assassination ordering, Libyan war criminal, and debt ceiling deal-signing asshole who makes Joe Lieberman look like a hero. I’m gonna kick his butt right back to Chicago.”

(Okay, maybe Jimbo didn’t really say that, but he must be thinking along those lines, no?)


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20 Responses to Jim Himes to challenge Obama

  1. I’ve heard many pundits allude to an Obama challenger. Makes sense to me, if I’m a Democrat who doesn’t like Obama, all two of them.

    Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis was just on TV and she used every popular Democratic phrase in referring to today’s jobs number:

    1. We’re on the road to recovery
    2. Republicans are holding us back
    3. the President has the right plan
    4. More unemployment insurance for everyone
    And my personal favorite, and a new one, at least to me:
    5. Freshman congressmen do not understand what government is about

  2. dollar bill

    Are you kidding? There’s no daylight whatsoever between Himes and Obama on most counts. Bernie Sanders, Jim’s not.

  3. Bernie Sanders? Oh dear God, dollar bill. Kindly tell me what that man has to offer other than being placed on this earth to be a total contrarian and nutcase? Vermont is such a pretty state, but Sanders would be number one reason not to move there.

  4. Greenwich Gal

    Uh….sounds like you don’t know Jim…

  5. dollar bill

    dull Friday indeed. I see from BLS that we’re down 37k govt jobs in July. Yippee! Only goes to prove govt can’t create jobs, but it sure can lose them! Or something? I forgot my latest right wing talking point. Who can help?

    • I can help you, Bill – government workers need to find real jobs, where they produce something of value, rather than soak up money from other people. Then we have growth and everyone prospers.

  6. pulled up in OG

    ” . . . need to find real jobs, where they produce something of value, rather than soak up money from other people.”

    Same goes for most of Wall St. too.

  7. dollar bill

    Are you saying teachers and firefighters and cops don’t produce value? I’d love you to tell them they don’t produce value. They are the building blocks of our society, and a hell of a lot more “useful” than the paper shuuflers in the legal, real estate and financial pofessions, who brought on the catastrophe we now are living through.

    • Bill, if we had only firemen, cops and teachers to deal with, we wouldn’t have a problem. Instead we have the Department of Education, the Department of Homeland Security and the NEA, the largest contributor to and largest contingent at Demmerkrat conventions to deal with. Get rid of these parasites and let’s take care of our local folks. Oh, and don’t let’s forget to abolish the Department of Energy, the DEP and their state equivalents, too. I could balance this budget in five minutes and so could you, if you were honest.

    • It’s Bush and Haliburton, three years later. Oh, the humanity!

  8. dollar bill

    And while we’re at, in your Mad Max libertarian dystopia, why don’t we get rid of the food safety inspectors, and the air traffic controllers, and the medical researchers? I’m sure scrapping these “parasites” from your life would make for cleaner air and water, air travel, etc. On Planet Teabag,that makes a whole lot of sense, CF, but I prefer to live in the real world, not in your fantasy Randbot universe.

  9. Cos Cobber

    CF, dont forget today’s very latest development, the department to censor ‘protected civil workers’ from their names appearing on public real estate information.

  10. Daniel

    Read this and tell us how to continue the government Ponzi.

  11. Anonymous

    Leading the nation once again, look to the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party who just “passed a resolution exploring calling for a primary challenge to Obama.” 😀

    You should click through just to read the F bomd laden response from Ca. Dem. Party Chairman, John Burton.

    My favorite quote a la Burton “”The people who sat on their hands or voted Republican in 2010, most of them are going through buyer’s remorse right now.”

    Um, not this registered Dem. who has zero regrets about her 2008 and 2010 votes. My only regrets are that it took me too damn long to wake up to the B.S. and that I voted for Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004. Slinks away in shame…

  12. Oops, that should have been bomb, not bomd

    I’ve no idea how I managed to mistype bomb. 😳

  13. Anonymous

    Thanks, atticus. I can’t remember any President (and I go back to Ike, whom I liked) being such a slave to teleprompters. Obama’s predecessors would have said something, anything rather than staring silently and stupidly into the camera’s lens as Obama did. It was a defining moment for him. I admit that I voted for Obama, but he has not done a single thing that’s made me glad that I did so.