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Hmm. Coincidence? Maybe, but hang on to your home price. Or perhaps you shouldn’t.

Top two Goldman trader execs “resign” after one of the firm’s worst trading years ever. I’m sure there’s a Che Guevara quote suitable for this occasion and we’ll ask Dollar Bill to supply it but Dylan did point out that “you don’t need a weatherman” etc. Should be a fun year.


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No real estate activity today (obviously) but here’s a new listing

35 Chapel Lane

35 Chapel Lane in Riverside is new today, but this old chestnut’s been going begging since 2008, when it demanded $3.5 million – didn’t get it. Now it’s back, at $1.751. What was advertised as “recently renovated” three years ago has been condensed to “as is”. I saw the house in 2008 and I think the new description is more accurate. Waterfront, yes, but also the soothing, babbling-brook-like sounds of I-95, whose bridge is just a few hundred yards away across Cos Cob Harbor. Some buyers may not like that.


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Harry Belefonte decides who is a true negro, who lacks a moral compass

Freedom, no, bending over for dictators, si! Back to slavery

Herman Caine is a “false negro”, as are Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell but Castro is just fine.

Obahma lacks a moral compass (okay, the man is right about that) while Hugo Chavez and Castro do.

No one but the most addled liberals (redundant) pays any heed to this old commie but still, it’s unpleasant to learn that he’s still around. Next thing you know, someone will tell me that Pete Seeger is still alive.


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WGCH’s Jeff Weber resigned last month – Sponge Pants Bob goes down

Jeff Weber, Chairman of the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce, believe it or not, has signed off WGCH and seems to be getting out of Dodge. I’m pretty sure (but I’ll look it up) that Weber was involved with Greenwich’s and WGCC’s  Michael Metter, whose SpongeTech penny stock has produced all sorts of arrests (including that of Metter), guilty pleas and big fines. As usual, Teri Buhl’s all over this story. She updated me but in the confusion of home life since Thanksgiving I missed the story. But it’s reassuring to know that Round Hill and Doubling have no monopoly on Greenwich criminals. Mr. Weber, by the way, lives in Riverside.

UPDATE: Teri Buhl says Mr. Weber’s involvement was limited to a loan to his company by one of Metter’s (convicted) partners.


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Oh come on, didn’t we all do that?


Hamburger University grants medical degrees?

Greenwich man arrested for playing doctor.


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Hey, where’d y’all go?

How'd that happen?

After cramming ObamaCare with its unpredictable costs down our throats, sending the cost of energy soaring with bans and taxes and attacking “the rich” (except the Democrat rich) at every opportunity, Obummer is now urging companies to bring their production and jobs back home. “We’re running out of fat cats to despoil”, he complains.


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Find that Round Hill resident!

At the suggestion of a reader I’ve added a “useful link”, Where in the world is Walter Noel?, a fun way to locate federal prisoners currently on hiatus from Greenwich. Play Fantasy Wall Street with them or swap ’em with your friends!


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