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Maxwell House comes to Starbucks

Jesus Christ

A friend who has access to such stuff gave me a pound of Starbucks new “Blonde” bean so that I could decide for myself if it was as bad as I expected. It’s worse, bringing to mind Monty Python’s riff about Australian wines coming in a poor second to Aborigine armpit sweat. Who comes up with a product like this? How could a panel of coffee makers sit around the cupping room, taste what they had produced and declare it fit for pig washing and human consumption? Poor pigs.

The unused portion of those beans is headed for the Bridgeport incinerator and my friend is now off my Christmas list – his was a cruel joke to play on anyone.


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Hmm, what to do?

Honey, we have company

Back from open houses (open house, actually). Nice place, although I’m pretty the buyer I had in mind for it won’t like its architecture or the layout of the kitchen/family area. I noticed a water stain on a section of the carpeting in the basement – “lower level”, at this price range – so I opened the door behind it to see what was up. A Bilco door leading up and outside, naturally and, judging from the sunlight I saw pouring in from its sides and top, the Sgt. Bilko there is probably the source of the rain water.

No big deal and easily remedied – by the seller, I would argue. But at the foot of the steps leading out, on either side, were two big rat baits, and don’t they pose an ethical dilemma? As listing agent, do you leave the baits where they are and thus alert the home buyer of the presence of pets, or do you remove them and let the happy new owners discover a native population of Willards themselves?

I think I move the baits.


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Abandon ship!

26 Nimitz, over in Havemeyer, failed to sell at the height of the market in 2007 when it was priced at $1.050 million so after a year it was taken off, only to reappear in 2009 asking $1.250 million. This curious pricing strategy of raising the price while the market is dropping like a stone failed to work for mysterious reasons and so today, six agents and eight prices later, it’s reduced to $829,000. Hint to seller: it was never the fault of any of those agents that this failed to sell.


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Okay, it’s a contemporary, but still, where’s that reader who keeps saying prices have stabilized?

"The Land Endures" (National Realtor slogan)

622 Riversville Road has an accepted offer today, presumably at less than its last asking price of $2.299 million. It asked $4 million when it started this sale process in 2009, was purchased for $3.320 million in 1987 (!) and is burdened with a $2.835 mortgage. Owie.


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Connecticut may lose its ranking as worse place in America to retire in

We're getting you the Hell out of here, Granny!

Giant pythons running loose in Florida. They’ve already killed 98% of the deer, and rodents and smaller mammals are going fast too. Either these big boys will run out of food and starve to death or, more likely, they’ll turn their attention to the slow-moving denizens of Leisure Village.


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The Advice Goddess asks the big question of the day

Who you calling stupid?

Is being a moron a requirement for getting a government job? TSA employees screen terrorists posing as passengers as they’re leaving the train, rather than boarding. Do you remember when Butch and Sundance were hired to protect the mine payroll and were super vigilant as they descended the mountain to the bank? Their employer pointed out that bandits would strike when they had the payroll, not when they were going to fetch it. The legacy lives on.

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Case/Shiller housing index falls from January ‘2010 level, worse than expected. And the Consumer Confidence Index, which was expected to rise, fell, instead. Do these indexes mean anything? What am I, a philosopher?


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