One sale, one returnee

55 Oval in Riverside sold for $655,000. As a kid walking to Eastern my gang, boys and girls, would use the railroad tracks as a short cut (try doing that today) and  I always liked the looks of this house, perched high on the overlooking hill. Not much house: one real bedroom and a pretend one, plus a bath, but then, $655,000 in Riverside isn’t much of a price. Foreign (out-of-town) broker, buyer, wouldn’t you know.

And 53 Sterling Road is back again, now asking $5.375 million. A nice enough house I suppose, albeit not my taste, that the owners bought new in 2005 for $5.575 million. Someone foolishly advised them to try reselling it in 2007 for $6.895 and the result was what you’d expect. So they’re trying again.

Like all houses up there on the Bedford border, this suffers from its location. There ought to be a huge market for homes up here from Westchester property owners but I’ve never noticed it, perhaps because Bedford residents tend to be liberals and want to pay three-times the taxes of their Greenwich neighbors. Think Susan Sarandon.

Whatever the cause, no one seems to want to live up here these days. Certainly  criminals appreciate Sterling Road as a convenient spot to dump bodies but they rarely turn out to be house buyers, especially after they’re caught and incarcerated.


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4 Responses to One sale, one returnee

  1. armonk

    Somebody buys a 6 bedroom house, they likely have kids. Kids go to school. All 4 schools in Armonk are within 2 miles of this house.

    The Western Middle School and Greenwich High School are at least 8 miles away. School buses (and the mailman) don’t come down this road. It’s a dirt road, which means you have to wash your Bentley and Ferrari much more often.

    In addition to the body dumped, there was a murder on the other end of the road on the NY State line.

  2. Anonymous

    people also like to commit murder-suicides in the nearby audubon woods

  3. Anonymous

    Do you think foreign out of town broker or buyers imply anything about a sale?

    • It’s been my experience that clients of out of town brokers often seem to pay more for a particular house than the locals are willing to pay. Not in this particular instance – I think $655 isn’t a bad price at all, but, just for an example, that Riverside house on the corner of Lockwood/Sound Beach Avenue sold for $4 million back in the day, when most of us local agents thought $3 was about its top value.