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OMG! Does Walt know that Steph’s been two-timing him with Buddy?


Why would you want Walt when you can date a genuine midget?

Buddy and Stephanie spotted on the polo fields of Greenwich. Steph left early – she just couldn’t hack it.


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Even his use of the big lie is nonsensical

Obama claims he, not the Republicans, is Mr. Small government, having slashed the number of federal employees even during a recession. What I don’t understand is the purpose behind this lie. Intelligent people know it for the lie it is and the illiterates, his base, don’t want small government. So how does this win him votes?


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Well how do you think she got that Injun blood in her?

Marching to Harvard

The Elizabeth Warren scam just keeps getting better. Now it turns out that the ancestor she was thinking of was actually a (white) member of the militia that rounded up the Cherokee and drove them out of Tennessee and into Oklahoma. Maybe a little hanky-panky along the way between captor and captive?

Heck, during the Civil War my ancestor Colonel Albert Jennings Fountain helped Kit Carson round up Navajos in New Mexico and force them into concentration camps. Had I known of the endowed chairs awaiting law professors with my background I could have been a contender!


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I didn’t say it, he did

Property of the state salutes its owner

Reader MC has been posting comments on this blog espousing his view of a liberal society. He finally came out with this, which sums it up perfectly:

People who receive state charity are part of the public domain and because of it receive public scrutiny

This is Obama’s base.


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Open house report

32 Lower Cross

I didn’t get up to 32 Lower Cross Road because (a) gas is still $4.20 a gallon and (b), at $11.750 million, I can probably wait a year to see it and with luck gas will have dropped. But those agents who did go say it was absolutely fabulous so if you’re not one of those bankers who got paid in magic beans instead of cash, you might want to travel to the north country and scope it out. Besides, if you can afford this house, what do you care what gasoline costs?

534 North Street (no pictures yet) I did get to and I loved it. A 1815 Federal still retaining two acres, it’s been updated just enough to make it livable without, to my eye, losing its original charm. There’s a new (newer than 1815, anyway) kitchen with a bumped out eating/family room incorporated, high ceilings throughout and a fabulous hide away room on the very top third floor. Wide – planked floors,beautifully proportioned rooms, a somewhat quirky layout, it’s  got everything I like in a house. Which means it’s probably not going to appeal to the 10,000 sq.ft., all – new set, but someone will appreciate this house. Asking $3.235 million, which doesn’t shock me.

19 Angus Lane, the new construction discussed here last week, was, I thought, a really nice house that should appeal to the very group that won’t like the North Street Federal. Built by Sean Shay, who builds a top-quality home, it was intended as a custom project but the owner’s plans have changed and he’s selling it before he even moves in.

Almost two acres in the R-1 zone, a great big yard and a location close to town, with a terrific house to go with all that.  $5.295 million, which is not a popular price range these days but with 184 houses trying to get $4.5 million and up, I’d rather be trying to sell this one than most of those others. Compares favorable with many houses asking millions more, which tells you a lot about the asking prices of those houses.



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Price reductions reported

526 Indian Field Road (Mead Point) now asks $8 million.  Started at $11.5 in 2008. My prediction? At $6, it moves.

191 Shore Road, that house overlooking Lucas Point Beach on the way to Tod’s, is now asking $3.1 million. That’s better than the $4.5 is asked in 2010 but we’ll see – nice views and if you can build new here (FEMA and other regulations may make that difficult), could be a reasonable price. If you can’t build new, forget it.

9 Wallsay

9 Wallsay, the obscure little dead end between St. Catherine’s and the old folks warehouse in Riverside, sold for $3.1 million in 2007 and asks $2.355 now. Highway views and noise taken into consideration, it’s still quasi-waterfront with what I think is a decent view across Cos Cob Harbor and the house is pretty good, too. So I kind of like it at its new price. As my late Vermonter mother in law (erroneously) told Pal Nancy after meeting me, “you could go further and fare worse”. Let’s hope my assessment is more accurate.


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sale prices reported


91 Overlook

91 Overlook, which started life as a spec house in 2007 at $3.950 million, went through the bank cleansing process and came back in January of this year asking $2.695, has sold for $2.350. That’s a better deal than $3.950 – what were they smoking back then?

19 Witherell Drive, a funky old thing, was purchased for $5.2 million in 2003 (no, not by the guy trying to sell 91 Overlook, but you might think so), had a ton of money poured into it and was returned to the market in 2007 for $8.695. Sold yesterday for $5 million even.

33 Pleasant Street, Cos Cob, sold for $735,000 after just 12 days on the market at that price. It didn’t sell for $895,000 in 2009. here’s an interesting side note: tax card shows a $1.5 million mortgage on it from 2006. I don’t know if that mortgage was also secured by other property or whether someone bought the loan (really) cheap and made a profit, even at this price.


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Boy, is her face Red!

Elizabeth Warren “forgets” to attend Harvard’s annual Indian Pow Wow.

I wouldn’t touch that one with a ten-foot Polack, Betsy


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So which one is labelled “un-American” by Obummer and his Democrats?

The answer is all you need to know about Bill Ayers’ and Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright’s their disciple Barack.


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Why wait for your bonus to vest when there’s Glenville?


relaxing on the Byram Riviera

24 E. Byway, one of those odd little streets that you have to go up to King Street and double back into Greenwich to get to, has an accepted offer. It came on two weeks ago at $540,000 and I hear a bidding war broke out. Haven’t seen it, Sotheby’s didn’t even have time to post pictures and now, I suppose, they never will.

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$5-$7 million market not quite dead

38 Cedarwood

38 Cedarwood, asking $6.895, has an accepted offer. Owners bought it new for $6.5 million in 2002, added a pool, landscaping and probably much more. Started last September at $7.750 and dropped down to its current price a month ago. Someone with money obviously saw value here. For those of you concerned that mid-country assessments are skewed too high, this one’s, taking the 70% assessment and multiplying by 1.4 to get the town’s estimate of market value, comes in at $6.8. My guess is that it will sell for a little less than that but unless it’s a whole lot less, it seems like a fair appraisal to me.

And on another note, taking into account the money put into improvements between 2002 and now, we seem to be well below 2002 price levels in the mid-country, For this house, at least, but then, what else is selling there?


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No bonuses at banks, traders head for hedge funds


(de) Occupying Wall Street

New laws limiting and deferring bonuses paid to traders are causing top earners to head for the exits. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I assume this will affect the value of traditional banks – will it jeopardize all the deferred bonuses that their earners (and Greenwich real estate agents) have been counting on to jump-start house sales? Time will tell.

France might ponder this phenomenon while preparing to raise its top tax bracket to 75% because, unlike the Land of the Free, French citizens are free to move to another country and escape their own country’s taxes.


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Left erupts in outrage

The voice of “the people”

Not content with founding and funding “Media Matters”,  the communist-led left wing propaganda machine, George Soros is now contributing $2 million to political Super-Pacs.  Liberals are understandably furious at this manipulation of American politics by a billionaire. “It’s just unbelievable,” Greenwich Democrat Town Committee member,  sign-poster and Designated  Intellectual Dollar Bill spluttered when reached for comment. “The democratic process must be run and controlled by little $3 contributions, not millions from the Koch Brothers and George Soros. Now George Clooney, he’s different – him we like, just as we like those Goldman Boyz. But Soros? I’m disgusted and alarmed.”

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A budget only a Democrat could like

A new budget has been enacted, papering-over deficits and substituting democrat math for “generally accepted accounting principles”. Imagine if the Connecticut Legislature were a private corporation: unless it were headed by John Corizine, the entire Democrat body would be imprisoned for such brazen accounting fraud. Which, come to think of it, would be an excellent idea.

Rep. Vincent Candelora, R-North Branford, said the proposal was unsustainable and contained short-term gimmicks. He was particularly upset about how the bill would divert $224 million in funds originally set aside to prepay debt payments to cover this year’s deficit, which has grown to about $200 million, or $275 million if accounting standards are used.

“There is a crack in the dam, and we’re plugging that crack with chewing gum,” he said.


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Democrat leaders and union chiefs pass an education bill that they like

And what’s in it for them to like? Only they know – it’s the Pelosi approach: pass it and you’ll find out. The 100 page bill, with – surprise! $100,000,000 more tax money added, was presented to lesser legislators at 1:20 AM this morning and approved by vote at 3:45.  The leaders spoke, their Democrat underlings voted as they were told. Tenure reform? Oh, come on.


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Breaking news from 1940

The Jews are behind that rock over there

New school superintendent said to be a collaborator. 

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