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India ushering in more of Heinlein’s “Bad Luck”


back to the future

Driving out telecom operators. Along with destroying its energy industry, a completely paralyzed legal system, systemic corruption and a communist infestation, the country seems embarked on a course back to its wretched poverty of a few decades ago. Funny how that works.

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Quick, gang, Walt needs bail money!

Miss Beamer 2012

Walt Noel tries to skip out on $500 tab at Beamers, held on $230,000 bail. Walt used an assumed name but do we know anyone else who frequents the place?

STAMFORD — A man who claimed to have diplomatic immunity and millions in the bank vowed that the White House would be calling Stamford police with a reprimand Tuesday after he was arrested for trying to skip out on a nearly $500 bill from a Richmond Hill strip joint, police said.

Eddy “Walt”  Morales, 39, of Wethersfield Round Hill Road was held in lieu of $230,000 bond after police discovered he had nine warrants for his arrest on failure to appear in court charges. Morales was additionally charged with sixth-degree larceny after he was unable to pay his $467 bill at Beamers Cafe strip club Monday night.



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When two or more of you shall battle in my name…


Suffer the little soldiers …

Obama recognizes his debt to his soldiers. He’s incredibly moved by  “those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf.” Uh huh.


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I told you so, just yesterday


Democrat clam bake, Tod’ Point, 2007

Global warming solved, the statists move on to fatties. Monday’s Center for Disease Control’s obesity paper was the opening salvo, calling for new government policies and controls. The lib’s are just getting warmed up:


Touting new recommendations from an Institute of Medicine panel on obesity on Tuesday’s NBC Nightly News, science correspondent Robert Bazell proclaimed to viewers: “…a sea change in how we perceive obesity. No longer a question of individual responsibility, but a need to change what’s called an ‘obesity-promoting environment.’ Calling on corporations, government and individuals to act.”

Mind you, this is even before ObamaCare kicks in in 2014. These people – Dollar Bill, DC, JRH just being the ones we see on these pages – will never stop expanding the state’s power until they themselves are stopped.


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If there was a spring market, I never noticed

House sales evaporated, Realtors return to their garden club

It’s still early May but things are quiet as a tomb over the Greenwich MLS  (I’d make a joke about brain dead but I seem to already be in the bad graces of the ladies down there, so I won’t). The only two accepted offers on houses asking more than $2 million were the two I’ve already discussed: 12 Stillman, asking $4.450, and 5 Riki Beth in Hillcrest Park, asking $2.175. That still leaves 184 listings asking more than $4.5 million and they aren’t selling.

We did have 25 new listings show up today but again, unpack the figures and they amount to nothing. Only five are single family homes in Greenwich while the rest are out of town or condominiums or rentals. Of the five, the most expensive is a house on Watchtower Lane in Havemeyer, asking $2.350 and prices decline quickly from there, ending at Bible Street, asking $549,000

And that’s it, so it’s back to politics until tomorrow, when the market reopens.


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Democrats on Obama almost losing (Democrat) primary to imprisoned felon: we’re just a bunch of racists!

I’m no racist, I’d just like to come back from the dead and kick his black ass!

Well I agree with their assessment:  white Democrats are racists, as Dollar Bill and his lunch-box confiscating buddy MC demonstrate on these pages every day, but isn’t it a sign of desperation when they actually admit it? Shocking that the party of the Great Unifier, the Messiah who was supposed to heal the nation’s wounds and usher in a new era of racial harmony, now insists that there’s a bunch of yahoo, N-hating goons in their own party.

Between an already-incarcerated criminal and a future one, I’d guess the voters of West Virginia just didn’t see enough difference to matter. That’s not racism, that’s a clear-eyed view of what’s being offered by the Democrats this year. The stench of sweaty panic is beginning to seep from under the doors down there at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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12 Stillman has a buyer, again

This house reported an accepted offer last month but it didn’t take. Today it’s got another accepted offer (or the same – sometimes deals fall apart and then come back together). Asking $4.450 million.

The Rockefeller development of Stillman and Sherwood is looking much less raw these days as trees and plantings mature. Most of the homes there – maybe all of them – have been built by Sean Shay and he crafts a very good house. The area has been whacked by the recession, though, perhaps even more than other areas. In 2007, homes here routinely asked $6.5 and up, even though they often ended up selling in the mid-fives, but the past two years have been tough. One built in 2007 and priced at $6.650 sold in 2009 for $4.850 and 10 Stillman asked $6.450, also in 2007, before selling for $4 million in 2010. Houses on Sherwood have fared no better.

So this one’s beginning price of $4.450 was a reflection of market realty and is now under contract in less than six months.


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