Yesterday’s news sold to Greenwich Time as new

A pleasure to show (although not to Jews)! This one won’t last! Convenient to transportation!

“Most expensive house in Greenwich!” blares the headline in Greenwich Time and its subsidiary the Stamford Echo. $33 million dollars! ($32,995,000, actually, but why quibble?). Wow!

Hell, this is just Mel Gibson’s old place at 124 Old Mill Road which sold less than two years ago for $24 million after sitting on the market for 1,018 days since early 2007, when it started at $39,500 million. I haven’t bothered to check but it’s likely GT wrote about it then, but how can they be expected to remember what happened two years ago, let alone five?

It’s a nice house and a large amount of land – 75 acres, fronting on the Merritt, but although its sellers claim to have “renovated” it, I doubt those renovations cost $9 million ($8,995,000). They could have, of course, who knows? The house is certainly large enough and old enough to absorb that kind of money.

I certainly don’t fault the listing agent, Joe Barbieri for working the public relations angle – that’s what a great agent does – but a real paper would do a little investigating of history and facts before merely reprinting a press release. A real paper.


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  1. AJ

    Homeowners beware: the criminal banks are still at it.

    ….The quick version of this terrible story is that Norman and Oriane Rousseau of Newbury Park, California were scammed into a predatory mortgage. But they made their payments anyway, always paying with a cashier’s check in person at the same branch. Then one day the bank misapplied their payment and said they still owed the money. This started a long, nasty process that led to the bank evicting the Rousseaus from their home.

    Here’s the shocker: right at the start the Rousseaus came up with proof that the bank had received the payment and had cashed the check. But the bank continued to claim it had missed the payment, gave the Rousseaus the runaround, started applying fees, and used it as an excuse to foreclose on the house anyway…..

  2. But even funnier than the headline is that the article quotes Zillow a half-dozen or more times. What, are there no more realtors in town worth calling, or real estate bloggers to ask for comment? Crazy.

    • The only major advertising left in that paper comes from the local real estate brokerage firms (who only run ads to placate their home sellers upset that their house hasn’t sold and to draw in new customers), so nothing is ever reported that would upset the gravy train. An intrepid reporter will occasionally call a reliable flack for an upbeat assessment of the ever improving market but that’s it. They’ve never called me or any other agent who might speak the truth and never will. Somehow I manage to still sleep at night.

  3. Cos Cobber

    Is Schumer out of his mind? His over reach might cause Saverin to become a folk hero.

    By David Benoit
    Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, one of Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard roommates, has angered two U.S. senators with his plan to renounce his U.S. citizenship.

    Getty Images Charles Schumer (D. N.Y.) and Bob Casey (D. Penn.) are going to hold a press conference today to blast Sevarin’s tax “dodging” and “unveil a comprehensive plan” that could include barring ex-patriots like him from coming back to the U.S.

    Saverin, who lives in Singapore, is giving up his U.S. citizenship, a move he has said is not about taxes but about rules that make it more difficult for U.S. citizens to live and invest overseas.

    “U.S. citizens are severely restricted as to what they can invest in and where they can maintain accounts,” Saverin’s spokesman Tom Goodman said this weekend. “Many foreign funds and banks won’t accept Americans. This was a financial rather than a tax motive.”

    But with Facebook’s booming IPO expected to price sometime today and begin trading tomorrow, the timing appeared to some to be an attempt to avoid taxes on his coming windfall. He owns about 2% of the company, according to this WSJ profile.

    According to a press release from Schumer’s office, there will be a press conference at 11 a.m. ET in which “The senators will call Saverin’s move an outrage and describe a plan to re-impose taxes on expatriates like Saverin even after they flee the United States and take up residence in a foreign country. Their plan would also bar individuals like Saverin from reentering the country.”

  4. anon

    If I list my 3,000 sq ft house in OG for $40mm, it will become the new “most expensive” house in greenwich.

  5. Left Coast Yankee

    What happened to the Maxfield Parrish mural in dining room? Did the MELodious one take it with him?

  6. Schumer would crawl on his hands and knees over two miles of broken glass for a 30 second radio interview. He regularly introduces legislation that he knows will never even come up for a vote purely for the publicity value. No sentient being pays any attention to his press conferences.

  7. I’m sorry for Donna Summer but the death of disco was the best thing that happened in the 70’s.

  8. Another Reader

    No matter how much barking and complaining we do about our former local newspaper, it’s never going to go back to the integrity it last had in 2006 because there are no proofreaders or copy editors there anymore. But it sure is fun making fun of them, especially since they don’t always correct stuff when you e-mail them with a correction!

  9. Chris: Delete that last comment video and insert this one; my bad

  10. Anonymous

    The Brothers Johnson?

    Did they rip off The Brothers Gibb or was it the other way around?

    In either case, the result is just awful, a nightmare.

    The horror, the horror!