The road to re-election, Obama style


I don’t give a damn what you do with them, but get them the F**k out of my way!

As long-term jobless benefits expire, unemployment rate will drop. Those who simply give up looking for work drop from sight and need no longer be counted. Gee, I wonder if the Messiah is aware of this?

A drop in unemployment may help President Barack Obama’s re-election chances in November. Only one president since World War II, Ronald Reagan, has been re-elected with a jobless rate above 6 percent. Reagan won a second term in 1984 with 7.2 percent unemployment in the month of the election, after the rate had fallen almost three percentage points in the previous 18 months.


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7 Responses to The road to re-election, Obama style

  1. Anonymous

    Obama & Biden Praise Crook Jon Corzine“Barack Obama and his sidekick, the imbecile Joe Biden, praise Jon Corzine, another progressive super genius who managed to lose $1.2 billion, yes BILLION, of his client’s money while CEO of MF Global. If Corzine was the first person these two idiots calls regarding the economy, it’s no wonder the economy is in shambles and we are teetering on the brink of a depression. Liberal morons.”

  2. Rivman

    I think Corzine is a crook, but these endorsements are years old and out of context.

    • Ah no, that’s not correct, at least in so far as it implies that Obama and Corizine aren’t still linked. Corizine was identified just a month ago as one of Obama’s chief “bundlers”, raising tons of money for his former endorser. If I were hoping to avoid a federal indictment for theft, I can think of no better tactic than raising millions for the U.S. Attorney’s boss. That raises the question, for some of us, why Obama would accept such money and risk being seen as tainted by a close connection to such a crook, but …

  3. Anonymous

    I think I read that Obama justified it by returning Corzine’s donation but kept all of the donations that Corzine bundled, and contnues to bundle, for him. 🙄

  4. Townie

    Many have been unemployed since the 2007/08 crisis and have long gone uncounted. Frustrating. . .

  5. Anonymous

    Obama admin has been fudging numbers on all of its programs, so no wonder they will continue to do so to move thir failed policies forward.