Oh, those playful Hartford Looters!

By God, we pulled it off  again!

470 page “supplemental” budget crammed through at the last minute. This isn’t the real budget, mind you, that was passed a few weeks ago, this is the pork barrel tail: every scrap and tidbit of special favors that couldn’t stand the sunlight, reserved until this evening so it could be swept through by Democrats (all Republicans voting nay, as though that mattered). “You’ll have to pass it to know what’s in it”, the ghost of Nancy Pelosi explained. But the Democrats don’t want to know what’s in it, so that’s the end of that.

But here’s one bit that did escape from under the covers:  No more public disclosure of government handouts to private businesses and cities’  “development” projects. “This benefits every politician”, Dannel “Governor Transparency” Malloy explained, “because when these deals go to shit, all sorts of people are going to be looking for someone to blame. This way, they won’t know what money was spent, where it was spent, who got it and who gave it. Even a Republican can appreciate this one.”


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8 Responses to Oh, those playful Hartford Looters!

  1. burningmadolf

    This is how the system works. While the media/bloggers cover things like Barry and his antics or Lizzy from Cambridge, your own little state thieves pick your pocket. Happens everywhere in the US, everyday.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Its difficult to imagine a worse idea than to allow public investment in private or public / quasi government agency organizations to occur in secrecy. You think the pork they hand out now is questionable, my goddess they will blow the doors off bad policy with this one. If a public investment cannot withstand the light of day, then clearly it shouldnt occur at all.

    Maybe DollarBill, defender of democrats everywhere, could explain.

  3. jeb

    Fairfield County should secede from CT (or kick Hartford out). These guys are crooks. Plain and simple.

  4. “The chamber had been more somber than usual because Donovan’s campaign finance director, Robert Braddock Jr., was arrested by the FBI on May 30 in an undercover sting operation regarding campaign contributions.”

    More somber, but, alas, not any humbler.

  5. Anonymous

    CT is going to wind up like the rest of the blue states – F’ed….and guess who’s going to be left holding the bag? The fools who actually pay taxes. There will be no change to this behavior in the CT gov’t because the pork is going to Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford who make up a majority of the electorate but pay less than 25% of the taxes. So you do the math.

    The only choice is to vote with your feet.

  6. Georgie

    These slimy, midnight maneuvers make me sick.

    When you read what traditional liberal Rhode Island, Wisconsin, California—even NY is doing (either driven by governor or taken bottom up with San Diego/Jose) to plug the shortfalls in revenue—and then what goes on in CT—it is just sad to see how irrelevant CT will be in attracting businesses to this state–the lifeblood of economic growth—and keeping the residents we got before they pack up and move to FL.

  7. They should all be impeached and thrown back into their holes, miserable wretches. While we’re at it. let’s have Malloy and any other lawyers disbarred.

    Since the government and media are controlled by one party in this state, we resemble China more and more.