You just mustn’t drink before visiting with Korean massage girls and if you do, don’t complain

Who knew?

Man claims he was sexually assaulted at massage parlor. The institution has been raided for prostitution in the past so it seems unlikely that the customer was justified in being surprised by such a low blow. My guess? His girlfriend found a receipt.


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  1. AJ

    WTF! This guy is dumber that the woman who sued Nutella because she didn’t know it had sugar in it even though it says so on the ingredients label. A few more incidents like this and the Gods will surely have us slated for another forty days flood — make sure there’s gas in your boat.

  2. When I saw the link was to the ProJo, I thought, ouch, another dumb RIer story. But I was relieved to see the incident took place in Dighton, which would make the perp a Masshole. Phew!
    Hope you are having a good summer. It’s winding down so fast. Looking forward to Lockwood & Mead grand opening. Is there going to be a ribbon cutting ceremony somewhere and will you offer customer discount coupons for our next home purchase?

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Who would want a receipt from a rub & tug? Numbnuts probably charged it to his CC.

  4. Anonymous

    @EOS the Masshole went to a Providence rub ‘n tug place.
    @LA I’d guess if he waited for four months he was “caught” with something more incriminating than a credit card statement, I’m thinkin’ STD.

    From the ProJo comments:
    YoYo must not’ve heard him say NoNo when her hands moved down LoLo. The massage was only SoSo, but the ending made him GoGo down the street to tell the PoPo. You’d’ve thought he was in the KnowKnow, since the massage was only SoSo, but he didn’t like the Tug’n’go, and now it’s in the ProJo

  5. G W Chase

    “Get out the old black ointment…”

  6. AJ

    Maybe when he told her no he had a girlfriend she sprinkled a little pixie dust, i.e., took a little crab revenge.

    …Due to the number of people asking us whether or not this site is for real we must now state that: “We dont f[*]ck around when it comes to revenge!”…..

  7. Earth Ocean Sky Redux

    @Anonymous: Drat. Providence is one skeevy town, that’s for sure. We rarely go into downtown Providence; it’s usually only to pick up family at the train station coming up from the city, or to see a play or have dinner…and having dinner at Al Forno is almost like being at a massage parlor. The food is orgasmicly good!