The disarming of America proceeds apace

Half-way back: Venus rearmed

Half-way back: Venus rearmed

After exhausting the supply of factory ammunition many shooters had the bright idea of rolling their own. So many shooters, in fact, that now there’s no gunpowder available. I attribute this to panic buying from gun owners (rightfully) fearful that the government is coming after their guns, but there may be a long term change in demand even after this rush subsides. After being unable to find shooting supplies for the past few months (and guns themselves are back ordered six months to two years), who won’t stock up ten-fold when they can? I myself saw 5,200 rounds of .22LR for sale at Sunday night and hit the “buy” button to seize them. My order was accepted, but when I checked back five minutes later, the entire supply was gone. (For non shooters who wonder why anyone could possibly want 5,000 rounds of anything, you should know that it’s easy to fire off 200 rounds of cheap .22s in an hour of target practice. 5,000/200 = 25 hours at the range).

In any event, it will be nice to see ammunition demand at least quiet down, if not return to pre-Obama levels.


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  1. Anonymous

    Ct bargain news


  2. kc

    Does ammunition have an expiration date?

    • Not really – I recently used up some .45 acp that my father probably bought in 1968-1970 and it worked just fine. Best thing is to store it in an airtight surplus military 50mm metal ammo case with some of those desiccant packs to absorb moisture, but the .45s were just in a cardboard box and fired off without hesitation.
      On the other hand, I had a handful of .270 hunting cartridges misfire this fall when I was sighting in and they were only 5 years old or possibly newer. Trouble was, I’d ridden them hard and put them away wet, which is to say I’d toted them around in a hunting parka on many wet days and left them to soak and rust in my pocket all that time. I’ve been meaning to try cleaning them up because a misfire while target shooting is a non-event, but if it happens when you’re aiming at a deer you’ve been stalking all day, bummer (for you – the deer will be pleased). So keep it dry, stash it in a canister if you have one (surplus, they go for maybe $18) and you’re good to go.