I think that’s the liberals’ intention, although I’m not sure why


NYC Crime Patrol

NYC Crime Patrol

NYPD union advises its members to take no initiative on the street.

Nypd beat cops posted a police-union warning in every precinct yesterday instructing officers not to go above and beyond the call of duty — or risk losing their jobs because of the new stop-and-frisk laws, The Post has learned.

“All officers should take action if he or she sees a crime in progress, or if he or she sees that his or her life or the life of another person is in danger . . . [But] all officers should be careful not to initiate any law-enforcement action that could be construed as violating the new legislation and subject the officer to legal action,” read the memo by Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch.

Several rank-and-file cops said yesterday that they plan on following Lynch’s advice rather than risk their careers.

“We are being told not to look for perpetrators of crimes because then we are opening ourselves up to a lawsuit and the job isn’t going to represent us,” a police source said.

“Crime is about to skyrocket. We are going to show up and take reports. This was the safest city in the country . . . Now most crimes will go unsolved.”

Another source added: “These rookies are just getting on the job out of college. They’re not going to risk their pensions. Arrests are going to drop, and crime’s going to soar.

Even the bad guys have gotten the memo.

“Perps on the street are saying, ‘If they’re not going to stop me, I’m going to start carrying [my gun] again.’ That’s the word on the street,” said one police source.

“The number of stops is going to go way down, and crime is going to go way up. Shootings and murders are going to come back big time,” the source said.

The sources said most cops want to pursue criminals and make stops, “but now they think if they do, they’re going to get sued and the department won’t have their backs. So now they’re not going to do squat. The situation is just too volatile.”


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20 Responses to I think that’s the liberals’ intention, although I’m not sure why

  1. Cos Cobber

    Most of the world is sadly bound by graft, we are bound by an overzealous legal system. The results could be similar.

  2. anonymous

    the sad part of this truth is what ray kelly and bloomberg have said all along – the stop and frisk primarily helped the people living in high crime minority neighborhoods; the honest residents are comforted by knowing the crooks are taken away. now there will be more minority victims. it’s not as if al sharpton lives in a bad neighborhood so he won’t care. he’ll be happy with the faux notion that blacks are no longer being profiled. if i were a thief, I’d paint my face black and run to harlem or upper bronx. easy pickings.bring on da funk, bring on da crime.

  3. anony

    I’d be very worried about property values if I owned property in the city, especially in the boroughs.

    As a Manhattan resident during 80s and 90s, I was mugged/ robbed twice. Once was on the UES and once was on the UWS. Both robberies were during the day, too. I also was accosted by a bloody man holding a knife, gushing blood from his chest near Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He asked me for the sandwich I was holding, all the while blood poured onto the ground. I gave it to him and he wandered off down the street. Scariest thing I ever experienced.

    The liberal city voters will soon get what they vote for and deserve in their new mayor.

  4. Anonymous Citizenette

    How many times have we heard some illiterate neighbor at a NYC crime scene tell a reporter, “we need more po-leece on these streets”. Really? doing what, pray tell

  5. AJ

    This is political horseshit, aka theater, at its finest. And anyone who can’t smell it when they see it, regardless of which side of the fence they sit on, has a deviated septum.

  6. Chris R

    i think Joan nailed it:

  7. Anonymous2

    Having experienced NYC in the 70s it seems to me a lot of good can come from this idiocy:

    1. NYC progs will get taught some very painful and possibly fatal lessons about the real world.
    2. Housing demand, and thus prices, may rise here as refugees abandon the Rotten Apple.
    3. The whole situation should ripen nicely by November 2016.

  8. towny

    Terry v. Ohio

    In the past decade, NYC cops performed 4.8 million stop & frisk. 90% of those stopped were found with nothing. NOTHING.

    What kind of police training is that, if the police are wrong 9 out of 10 times?

    • So they stopped 480,000 people actively committing a crime, and confiscated how many guns? Not the same number, presumably, but surely a substantial number. I put it to you this way: Chicago has the same laws on its books prohibiting guns that NYC does, but does not have any kind of stop and frisk program. Black teens are killing each other at 10X the rate of their peers in NYC. This literally is a case of “stop me before I kill again”, but if you’re okay with the killings to resume in the city, fine by me: I don’t live there.

      • towny

        Look, I understand where you are coming from. I understand where Bloomy and the police are coming from. I agree, mostly. However, to avoid the lawsuits the admin had to raise the quota on Caucaisions. Which they refused to do. Bloomy brought the lawsuits on himself..

        Look, the only way the TSA gets away with what they do is by not profiling. All Bloomy had to do was make it alittle more equitable.

        As to the status of the 10%. I,m not sure what the weapon confiscation breakdown is. Probably alot. I hate to think of how many were basically law abiding folks who had them for protection.
        I think about half of that 480,000 was for pot possesion.

        I;ll try and find the link that breaks down the Terry stats.

        • towny

          How many (technically law abiding) white, black, latino and asian, Bernhard Goetz types live in NYC? 50,000…..100,000?

        • Tokenekebozo

          One of the reasons SQ&R had such a low hit rate was that it acted as a deterrent. Your gun stays home when you know the cops are out there and you might be stopped. One of the guys arrested last week during the gunrunning sting was recorded saying just that.

  9. Libertarian Advocate

    In N.Y.? Stay legal, learn Krav Maga.

  10. I feel bad for the police who want to do their jobs but know that nobody has their back.

  11. joe

    You people in NY are IDIOTS for not demanding firearms rights restored from the racist 1800s era that was put in place to deny blacks firearms.

    You wouldnt need cops if you simply killed the criminals. Oh wait, in NY you have to run, dial 911, say a prayer and cower before you can defend yourself against an attack.

    MOVE. I’ve never been assaulted in TEXAS, and theres a reason for it. It’s called self defense law that favors the victim, not the criminal, and gun law that allows me to use the WHOLE constitutional system for defense. Not just the 1st, to yell for help. I will use the 2nd and I will kill crooks. And they know it here.

    Get a pair, NY. Take back your state, or stop complaining

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Joe: it’s plain as day you don’t grasp NYC. The vast majority loathe personal accountability and want the government to make all their decisions for them. “Joan” in the clip above is truly emblematic of the pernicious insularity of most Manhattan residents.