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Another Greenwichite off to the pokey

Five years at Happy Acres Farms, Alabama

Heidi Walker, formerly of 69 Lake Avenue (close enough to make her an honorary resident of Round Hill), has plead guilty to fraud; off to the work farm for five years. Her former husband, Peter Pfabe, is also a thief, also going off.

The couple will be sentenced on June 28.

According to a grand jury indictment in 2010, Walker arranged for Deutsche  Bank to pay $345,000 and AIG to pay $125,000 to companies run by her husband in  exchange for alleged client and marketing services.

Walker oversaw client services at Deutsche Asset Management for all but two  months of the May 2002 to January 2006 period and was head of global client  service at AIG Global Investment Group from February 2006 to June 2008,  according to the 2010 indictment said.

Pfabe was a director of global institutional marketing in an asset management  unit of a large bank from April 1999 to April 2003, according to the feds.

Heidi last graced these pages back in November, and you may want to refresh your memory. Good stuff: horse farms, vibrators and even an angry message from Heidi herself.

69 Lake Avenue

UPDATE: Heidi’s digs on Lake are still for sale, listed at $1.775 million. The MLS shows 4,255 DOM. I don’t know whether that’s accurate but I do believe she’ll want to sell before her April sentencing. Probably going to be a short sale – Wells Fargo holds a $1.5 mortgage on the place, which is probably more than it’s worth. Could be worth taking a run at, if you like the excitement and ambience of traffic and ambulance sirens.

UPDATE II: Well this is sad. Heidi’s co-conspirator, Peter Pfabe, was a navy pilot who took part in the Libya raid in 1980 and was in the World Trade Center September 11th. Survived all that and came a cropper on greed. He has children, and I’m sorry for them. He probably should have thought of them before heading down this path with Heidi.

UPDATE III: I guess we know how she paid her lawyer’s fees. Sold her horse farm for $1.5 million. House, stables and 85 acres. Seems like a pretty good buy but taxes are $45,000 pee year. Welcome to New York.

UPDATE IV: Heidi borrowed $325,000 from another Greenwich boyfriend, Alf Aanonsen, then claimed it had been a gift when he sued her for its return. She lost.


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But do they live on Round Hill Road?

Greenwich Marketing Associates owner Peter Pfabe and his squeeze Heidi Walker  indicted for fraud, spent the loot on a horse farm and vibrators.

UPDATE: Oh my heavens, what a small world. Heidi, Peter and I have communicated in the past concerning Heidi’s unsellable bungalow on Lake Ave. Sounds like Heidi and Jenny should get together.

Dear Christopher,

I was recently forwarded a copy of your description of my house at 69 Lake Avenue in Greenwich, CT.

You are factually incorrect on many points and I demand that you remove all reference of my property on your website. You are falsely communicating information to the public and misleading them. Additionally, you have personally hurt me with your false information and total misrepresentation.

Please let me know when you have removed the item. Also, you falsely posted a comment from my husband. [what the fuck does this mean? Ed] This action is considered unlawful in the State of Connecticut.

I look forward to hearing from you today.

Thank you

UPDATE: Uh oh, it seems that Heid’s ex, Peter Pfabe, was also involved in FundAmerica a -gasp! – pyramid scam.


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