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Remember West Nile Virus?

Of course you don’t, but for awhile there, it was the biggest threat to civilization since Orson Wells brought Martians to earth. Now, it turns out, the disease has come and is going, having killed lots of birds (robins, particularly) but no humans. The surviving birds have developed an immunity and that’s the end of the story, unless you count the lobster kill-off in Long Island Sound that may have been caused by pesticides flushed into our street drain system to combat it. 

Remember the swine flu of 1974? Again, the only people hurt were the poor bastards killed and paralyzed by the vaccine they were conned into taking by media panic.

Yesterday CBS evening news proudly reported that 74% of Americans were now “quite worried” about swine flu, and why not, when the stuff is on the 24-hour news cycle, every day? 

So feel free to go get your vaccine, untested as it is – I’ll take my chances, thank you.


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