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Here’s an idea for Walt

You know, just about everyone who’s anyone in the Madoff mess has a connection with Greenwich real estate. Walter’s at 175 Round Hill, another FGG guy (the fellow brought in to sell the company) owns what used to be Caey Jones’ place right up the street, Mark Madoff is at 27 Cherry Valley Road, Andy Madoff is on Tomac, Andy’s ex-wife is in Lucus Point, and Andres is in Milbrook. Even with that list, I believe I’ve missed a few. Bernie had a place here – he’s sold it, but so what?

What I’m thinking is that, with the exception of Andy’s ex-wife, all these people are going to have their houses on the market soon, either voluntarily or at the request of creditors. Why not create a “Madoff Bundle Tour”? (“He stole a bundle, you buy a bundle!”) We rent a bus, load it with the curious and the serious home buyer, and tool around town, stopping at each house? Walt could come aboard to serve Mojitos, Andy and Mark could give fly casting lessons on the bus’s roof, and Monica could teach folks how to write lovely thank you notes on the best cardstock.

We’d all have fun and maybe we could move some real estate. Walt, if you combined everything – the son in laws’ properties, Round Hill Road and maybe even Mustique, you might create a hell of a package deal. What say you?


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